in alphabetical order

Mark Culajay is a senior in Communication Studies, with a passion for graphic novels. His essay on being an artist is also featured under “Poems and Essays.”

Kaylie Malenius is a junior who is pursuing a Graphic Design major and a Photography minor. She is passionate about nature and her inspiration comes from Creation. Her work was created with a collection of her photographs and edited through Adobe Photoshop. This collage is meant to remind people to take time to observe and reflect on the art that surrounds them.

Emmaline Okesson is a senior in the Architecture major. She has a passion for traditional art and architecture expressed in ways that are sensitive to the current zeitgeist.

Ryan Pickhardt is a graduate student in Architecture. His rendering of St. Paul Mental Health Center was produced for a studio course that focuses on themes of community design and social justice. Students analyze the way that a community may have been affected by systemic injustices or historically underserved. They develop architecture that addresses such factors in the community of the site.

Katie Valeria is a junior pursuing a major in Art as well as a minor in Graphic Design. Her work was created as a visual response to a specific written piece entitled, “Why Do People Join Cults?”

Sarah Vattiprolu is a junior who majors in Graphic Design and minors in Psychology. She is from Kenya, East Africa.

Special thanks to Professors Jeffery Carl, Laurie Culshaw, and Alan Frost for their help in gathering the work of these artists.

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