Man of Letters

Isaiah Robinson

Part 1

I’m wild like a newborn, I’ll move my mom to Newport.
I’ll buy my mom a huge quart, her very own escort.
Vacations out in resorts, got it by myself, no support.
I don’t abide accords, but I’m nuts for my family like an acorn.
Fed up with the school boards, a victim of common core.
My head is feeling too warm, I feel like I can do more.
Walking through the two doors, in the middle of two wars.
One day I’ll change the world from California to New York.
Yes, I lived in New Orleans, the culture makes you think more.
New friends like I want more, keep it moving like its transport.
On the inside I feel torn, hand me downs I’ve still worn.
In elementary, I was ignored, but now my pride is restored.
This isn’t meant to forewarn, it’s too late to be forlorn,
Still so much to explore, life is passing by and it’s time to get onboard.
In disagreement with the concords, an enemy to the public horde.
Every day another discord, forced to take drastic resorts.
Life is less humored, or so it’s been rumored,
Oh, and for the record, the line I walk is checkered.
The Lord is my shepherd, the most wonderful endeavor.
Society is severed, but my faith remains unfettered.
Don’t have time to check the weather, could care less about treasures,
A respected man of letters, I’m also an inventor,
Tread lightly like a feather, yet to my thoughts I’m tethered.
My mental health is skewered, my demons I outmaneuver,
Strangers think I’m untutored, refuse to be a steward.
Everything I do is for my Lord, I don’t care about the rewards,
Rainy days bring the downpour, but I don’t carry an umbrella because the pen is my sword.

Part 2

I’m going off the rubric, I’m hard to solve like Rubik’s,
A slave to the music, I woke up in a cold ditch.
Remember how my mom would move bricks, now her castle has a drawbridge,
I’ll fly her out to Munich; her love is therapeutic.
I’m bright my mind’s translucent, I glow in the dark like a crescent
These rhymes are making me sick, I put them together with a glue stick,
Can’t teach an old dog new tricks, I’m sorry but I’m too quick.
These days I don’t feel slick, naps in the way like a hair pick.
Poor-house poverty used to be the shtick; the real thing would kill you quick.
Fast forward a few clicks, now my life is magnificent.
Simple like a goldfish, cruising down zone 6,
Now I’m in a tight pinch, can’t back down I won’t flinch.
Going through a time switch, the 1900’s I would’ve been lynched.
The roots in my blood are entrenched, sold yourself short I remain unconvinced.
Feeling like the new kid, in society I’m excluded,
The dreams I have are lucid, so here is my conclusion.
My parents are disputed, the world around us is polluted,
My happiness was looted, submitted to the grand illusion.
A writ of execution, perhaps electrocution,
There is no absolution, I’ll start a revolution.
This is my life no substitutions, no redistributions,
These thoughts are too confusing, I need help I’m only human.
God is my nutrition, Angels are my isoleucine,
Used to be a skeptic, now I’m open to new methods.
I’ll do it my way, I don’t care what’s recommended,
To the Lord I’m indebted, think of what he represented.
Every time I think of hell, I begin to feel lightheaded,
My lifeline was extended, I don’t know what the Lord intended.
From the bottom I ascended, my spirit almost apprehended.
I’ve never been dependent, opposite views don’t be offended.
Tired of pretending, A new life I was presented,
My soul is augmented, my spirit has been lifted, my dad used to be resented.
My beliefs are cemented, every house I’ve been in was rented,
I don’t care what’s suggested, in this life we’re all connected.
The next Malcolm X, my rule will be amended.

Part 3

Feel like Martin Luther with the rifle, right hand on the Bible,
Each year a new cycle, I’m bad just like Michael.
Life is survival, a battle of two rivals,
I tower over the competition like the Eiffel, I don’t mean to trifle.
Upon my arrival, my presence made is vital,
Please clear the aisle, I’m not cocky I’m entitled.
The ultimate disciple, my mother is my idol,
The life I live is frightful, not all times are delightful.
The blood in my veins is tribal, my instincts are primal,
Remember feeling suicidal, the light is my reprisal.
No interest in going viral, acknowledged by my title,
Police these days are homicidal, killers amongst the general public, now I demand a retrial.
I’m confused, my head is feeling disconnected from my spinal,
Have you heard the news?
I’m drinking from the vial, tired of living in denial,
From now on the decisions I make are final.
I don’t mean to seem hostile, I guess it’s been a while,
These rhymes are meant to beguile, I flow just like the Nile.
They say life’s a marathon, and I’m still on my first mile.
Burn like black and mild, my skills are versatile,
Ever since I was a child, I never used to smile.
A son of the wild, finally all the things I have to say have been compiled.

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